General pricing for consultations:

●   New client consultation: $125
●   Follow-up visits: $75

Low income/disability reduced pricing available upon request

New client consultation discounts available for:

●   Clients referred by healthcare practitioners
●   Active & retired military personnel & veterans

New client consultations include an initial interview in-person or via remote services (phone or video chat); written personalized recommendations which includes diet and lifestyle recommendations, supplement recommendations, and suggested laboratory tests along with side-effects and contraindications of medications and supplements the client may be taking; and a second appointment to discuss recommendations in-person or via remote services. Clients must return Heart-Root Nutrition, LLC informed consent and medical history forms prior to initial interview; recent laboratory testing results aren’t required, but are extremely valuable for creating personalized recommendations.

Additional services & merchandise:

●    Letter and report of finding for a healthcare provider: $25
●    4 weeks of ongoing support between appointments via phone, email, and/or IM: $25
●    Medical history interview in lieu of medical history forms: $25
●    Personalized 4 week menu: $50
●    Research report on a specific health issue: $300
●    Standardized nutritional guidelines for a common health issue: $25
●    Heart-Root Nutrition polycanvas tote bag (18.5″W x 12″H): $10

Disclaimers: Vandy R. Roadifer and Heart-Root Nutrition, LLC offer independent evidence-based nutrition consultancy and related services; they are not affiliated with nor a member of any nutrition and/or dietetics organization. Due to variances in state occupational licensing and certification, services offered by Vandy R. Roadifer and Heart-Root Nutrition, LLC are not available for insurance reimbursement in the majority of states. The following states and territories do not allow personalized nutrition consultancy from anyone not specifically licensed for practice in that region and Heart-Root Nutrition’s remote personalized services are not available to residents in these areas: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Caroline, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia.